Martin Beran is going to take over part of the internets

It’s true, I’m going to do it for better or for worse.  I am going to embark on a journey to take over the image search results for “Martin Beran”.  I tried an experiment with the previous post where I posted a new picture and gave it the title of my name figuring that it would do well in the image results because of my website name.

At the time of this posting it is currently number 16.  I wonder how this search comes up in other geographic regions?  It’s on you to let me know.

Why am I doing this?  I don’t really have a good reason to be honest.  I just can.  Or at least I think I can.  Hopefully this doesn’t have a negative effect in the future, hard to predict.  Here goes.  I present you, the internet, with several more pictures!


Oh and friends – would you do me a favor and share this web page with your friends?  The more traffic I get the better these pictures will show up.  well looks like the real martin beran is setting something in motion that I cannot stop. GO


I wonder if I can take over the internet

and I kind of just mean the internet as far as searches for Martin Beran go.  I’ll start with this old photo of mine that is not on the first 10 or so pages of image search results.  I’ve given it the title of Martin Beran.  Now we wait and see if it becomes indexed as a search result for my name.  I give it a couple weeks… maybe more.  No one goes on this website because there’s nothing to see…. unless you’re stalking me haha


martin beran

And so it starts

Hi – This is my new blog.  I’m going to do something with this eventually.  I swear.  Check back like everyday, you wont be disappointed.

I might even customize this, or put pictures up.. who knows… skys the limit